First United Methodist Church - La Grange, IL
Tuesday, July 25, 2017

 Youth Ministry Team

These are the adult leaders who make this all happen!
          Sr High - Betsy B, Bob C, Amanda C, Kathy J
          Jr High - Peggy E, Ken G, Tina S
          First Fridays - Laura T & monthly teams of parent cooks & drivers!
          *and MANY others who volunteer throughout the year!!

Youth Council

The Youth Council meets every other month to assess the direction of the Youth Ministry Program.
     2015-2016 Meeting Dates are: Aug. 25, Oct. 20, Feb. 9, & April 12
Members of the Youth Council include:
          Betsy B, Bob C (Chair), Dave C, Heidi H, Emma H (Sr High Representative), Kathy J, Gail J, 
          Tim M, Keri N (Sr High Representative), Matt S & Darlene S.                 

SLuG (Student Leadership Group)

The SLuG meets several times a year to assess the current state of the Youth Program and share in devotional and leadership-building activities. To be a part of SLuG, you must be in 10th-12th grade, and willing to commit to regular SLuG meetings, as well as regular participation in One Eighty programs. For an application, see Hattie.
2015-2016 SLuG Dates include:
         Aug. 23, Oct. 9-11, Nov. 8, Jan. 17 & April 3